English for everyone

Introducing English For Everyone

Like all language courses, English for Everyone covers the core skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Unlike in other courses, however, the skills are taught and practiced as visually as possible, using images and graphics to help you understand and remember.

Audio material is provided at every stage through the English For Everyone website and Android/iOS apps to provide vital experience of spoken English and make even tricky phrases easy to understand. Perfect for personal study or to support exams including TOEFL and IELTS, English for Everyone is suitable for all levels of English language learners

So how is the learning laid out? The course takes place over four levels, from beginner to advanced, and each level includes a coursebook and a workbook. For a first taste of each level, download the PDF worksheets below.

Level 1 Complete Beginner

Level 1 Complete Beginner is suitable for anyone just starting to learn English, as well as those with a little English knowledge.

To get started on Level 1, try this “Everyday Things” vocabulary worksheet, and match the correct word to the picture.

Level 2 Advanced Beginner

Level 2 Advanced Beginner is suitable for those who have already learned the basics of English.

Download this comprehension worksheet to get a headstart on Level 2.

Level 3 Intermediate 

Level 3 Intermediate is suitable for those who already have a solid foundation in English and are ready to improve their knowledge and fluency.

This worksheet helps learners to practice their use of conditional verbs. Download this one to get a taste for Level 3.

 Level 4 Advanced

Level 4 Advanced is for those who already have a good English language ability and are ready to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and fluency.

This worksheet, taken from the Level 4 Practice Book, is designed to reinforce more complex grammar. Download this one if you’re ready for a test.

English for Everyone is a smart, simple new way to teach yourself the English language, using graphics, pictures and audio instead of wordy explanations. Developed by language-teaching specialists and aligned to global exam standards, it’s the easiest way to teach yourself English, from beginner to advanced level. For more information about English for Everyone, you can go to www.dkefe.com.

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